Services - Buyer Representation

Tips for Buyers on the Home Finding and Purchasing Process

10 Things to Expect from Your REALTOR:

  1. Advise on Getting Pre-Approved by a Lender
  2. Identify and Show Properties that Meet Your Needs
  3. Provide Representation/Advocacy
  4. Determine Home Value
  5. Prepare an Offer and Guide You During Negotiations
  6. Keep the Transaction on Track from U/C to Closing
  7. Adhere to the REALTOR Code of Ethics
  8. Being Your Fiduciary
  9. Have Local Knowledge of Market and Community
  10. Provide Vendor/Home Services Recommendations

There is no better choice for a buyer agent in the Greater Bangor/Central & Eastern Maine area than ERA Dawson Bradford and our REALTORS. Each REALTOR can represent your best interests in the negotiation of purchasing a home, commercial property, or land. You can even start your search through our company's user-friendly Statewide Search where you can view photos, maps, virtual tours, and property details.

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Home Buyer Tips:

These suggestions should help you navigate the buying process
whether you are a first time buyer or old pro.

Getting Started.

  • Define your goals, research your options, make plans. Establish what your needs are so that you can present that information to the REALTOR that will help you find your home.
  • Have an earnest money deposit readily available. This is usually is equal to 1-3% of the purchase price and the more the better but sometimes less is acceptable.
  • Have a little extra in case you want to do an inspection. This can range from $100-$800 or sometimes more depending on how much you want inspected. Additional inspections can run more.
  • Avoid the purchase of big-ticket items before a home purchase.

  • Glossary of Real Estate Terms.

Contact a REALTOR. Establishing a relationship with a REALTOR provides you with guidance through the property search, financing, &negotiation and transaction process. You should also take into consideration their local market knowledge, experience and track record.

Talk to a lender about a pre-approval. This process involves meeting with a lender and authorizing them to examine your current financial situation and credit history. On the basis of this examination the lender will provide you with a document that details how much you can borrow to buy a home. And when it comes time to make an offer, the seller knows you are already approved for the loan amount and are serious about buying the house.

Find THE ONE. Take the time to look at the homes that you and your REALTOR have determined are the best matches to your needs. Narrow down your choices, and when you decide on the home that is right for you, make an offer.

Make an Offer and Negotiate. Your REALTOR will write the offer based on your guidance and present it to the listing agent. There are then three options: 1.) the seller can accept your offer; 2.) the seller can reject your offer; or 3.) the seller can present the buyer with a counter-offer. A counter-offer opens the offer up for negotiation. Our experienced REALTORS can help you through these negotiations.

Confirm Financing.

Inspections. After receiving an inspection report, you do have to option to negotiate with the seller again. Negotiate what is most important to you in the sale of the home. Many times these are safety issues or things that would really make or break the sale. Again, our experienced REALTORS can help you through these negotiations.

During the time between the acceptance of the inspection and closing. There is a brief time of silence where you might feel no one is doing anything. But this is the time where all the folks behind the scenes really start their work. Escrow agents, lenders, and REALTORS, need to start their work to make sure underwriters have all the paperwork, title is cleared etc... so that everyone gets to the closing table.

In-House Mortgage Representative: ERA Dawson Bradford provides a full time (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) Mortgage Rep. Paula Layden, who has the tools and knowledge of ERA to quickly qualify buyers for your house.

In-House Settlement Representative: Deb Whitman with ERA Settlement Services can provide all title work and perform your closing so that you can be at ease on your closing day.

In-House Insurance Representative: Dawson Insurance Agency provides homeowners insurance as well as personal lines, such as motorcycle, RV, and ATV; as well as health, life, and marine insurance. Call our insurance division today for quotes at (207) 941-1647, or visit

ERA Select Services: Home Services Discounts.

ERA Home Warranties: We believe with ERA's home protection plan your house will sell for the highest price in a shorter amount of time.

At this point you can start packing and preparing your self to move. Contact the local post office of your move and have your mail forwarded. Close up any loose ends and prepare your children for the move. Such as with schools and programs if necessary.

Any questions you have, please feel free to contact us. We will set up a search for you right away.